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South Lapland extends from Northern Jämtland northwards into Västerbotten and the vast wilderness of Swedish Lapland. The area offers both bare mountains and forest, with attractions including 10,000 lakes, mountain areas with ski resorts and hiking in the summer, 150 mountain peaks over 1,000 metres above sea level, more fishing than you can count and a rich settler and Sami culture. In other words, South Lapland is the perfect starting point for top-class open-air activities. 

It is easy to travel to South Lapland. Book a flight to Stockholm-Arlanda and then proceed directly to South Lapland Airport in Vilhelmina. In Vilhelmina you are in the center of South Lapland and it is close to all experiences and adventures we have to offer.

If you want to experience Lapland, so plan a trip to us. This is real Lapland but closer.

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Getting to and from South Lapland Airport
Getting to and from South Lapland Airport

Getting to and from South Lapland Airport

How to get to and from South Lapland Airport. Bus, Taxi or Car what is your choice of transportation?

 Trappstegsforsen, the "Stairway Rapids" are a set of rapids along the Wilderness Road, right below the lake Kultsjön a few kilometers east of Saxnäs. The rapids form a stairway sometimes said to lead to the King of the mountains. In the summertime ther is a small cafe offering drinks and food. 

 Marsliden is a small settlement, with cabins and a small store that servers as a good base from wich to explore the beautiful and untouched areas in the Marsjäll Mountains. This area is a heaven for widlife and nature enthusiasts and is a great place for fishing. The area hosts the highest mountain top of the region at 1590 meters which is reachable by a hiking trail from Marsliden village. 


Korallgrottan is the longest cave in Sweden and is situated betwee the Villages of Stora Blåsjön and Leipikvattnet. The Cave and the surrounding area is a national park and is created due to the eroded streak of limestone found in the ground here. A guided tour of the cave is available by Vilseledaren and is most easily booked though Gäddede Tourist Information.

Fatmomakke and Ankarrede are two ancient Sami church settlements in the mountains along the Wilderness Road. In Fatmomakke, guided tours are on offer in the summer. These are must -see stops offering fika and accomodation in the summertime. Read more about Ankarrede and Fatmomakke here


The Wilderness Road is one of Sweden’s highest roads and connects Jämtland with Swedish Lapland. The naturally beautiful and wild road passes through the Village of Stora Blåsjön and over the mighty high plateau of Stekenjokk as it winds into Southern Lapland. Be careful as you drive as thousands of Reindeer feed along the side of the road in the summertime. Wilderness Road official homepage. 


Snow clearance on the Wilderness takes takes around a month each year. The Wilderness Road is open from 3rd of June until middle of October. In june there is still a layer of snow on some parts of the mountains and the snow depth can be 6 meters. 

Discover South Lapland - A magic part of Sweden.

Below you will find information in english about some place and sights to visit

For more information in english and tips and help with planning your trip, contact the Tourist Centers. Klick here for contact details to the tourist information.

Summer in South Lapland

Explore the Wilderness Road

Sami church town of Fatmomakke



Tourist Information

Vilhelmina Tourist Center

Phone: +46(0)940-39886


Adress: Tingsgatan 1, 912 33 Vilhelmina

Open: Mon-fri: 10-17

Tourist information for: Vilhelmina, Saxnäs, Kittelfjäll och Klimpfjäll.


Åsele Tourist Center

Phone: +46(0)941-14078


Adress: Centralgatan 35, 919 31 Åsele

Open: Mon–Fri: 8:30-12 & 13-16

Tourist information for: Åsele, Fredrika och Gafsele


Strömsund  Tourist Center

Phone: +46(0)670-16400


Adress: Ramselevägen 6, 833 24 Strömsund

Open: Mon–Fri: 9-16


Gäddede Tourist Center

Phone: +46(0)672-10500

e-mail: gaddede.turstbyrå.se

Adress:Storgatan 40, 830 90 Gäddede

Open: Mon-Fri: 9-15 (closed for lunch 12-13)