Åsele - where the roads lead

Åsele Municiaplity is the size of the province of Halland, meaning there is a lot of nature to explore. The only national park in Västerbotten County, Björnlandet, is in the Municipality. Åsele offers plenty of fishing, hunting, culture, history, hiking adventures, animal spotting, snowmobile adventures and much more. This is a place for people who are seeking both relaxation and adrenaline rushes.

Björnlandet National Park

Björnlandet is a magnificent wilderness area and one of Sweden's most treasured ancient forests. The beautiful old pine trees, the lichen-spruce woodlands and the footprints of forest fires make Björnlandet a dynamic ecosystem, a biological archive showing dramatic progress throughout its history. You can read more about Björnlandet on sverigesnationalparker.se. Photo: Tomas Staafjord

Åsele is a locality and the administrative center of Åsele Municipality in Västerbotten County in the southernmost part of the province of Lapland. Åsele is situated along highway 92, 50 kilometres west of Fredrika. Highway 90 passes just east of Åsele. The river Ångermanälven flows through the locality.

Area: 3,38 km²
Population: 1 798

Coordinates: 64.162320, 17.352405
Phone numer: +46(0)941-140 78
E-mail: turistinfo@asele.se
Opening hours: 9.00-16.00 Monday-Friday

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