Fjällsjö - Enjoy the silence

Explore this little nature treasure just south of the Lapland border, a couple of hours drive from Sundsvall or Östersund. Why go all the way to the mountains, come and experience the countryside the way it is! Here you will find affordable alternatives. Experience something different and enjoy the silence.

Here there are possibilities to go fly fishing in streaming waters or angling in lakes. There are trout, char, grayling, whitefish, burbot, common bream, ide, perch and pike in our waters. You can rent a boat and go fishing in selected lakes. Contact Vängelälven's fishing association or Fjällsjö's fishing association for more information.

Fjällsjö fishing association manages the fishing in Backe, Berg, Jansjö, Kråkbränna, Sil, Smedsby and Sunnansjö as well as in parts of Bergsjö, Edsta, Silsjönäs and Stensvattnet. We expect everyone to adhere to the local fishing regulations and to respect the nature. Minimum length permitted to catch is 20 centimetres for trout, char and grayling. Fishing licences are mandatory and can be purchased from Backe IF.

Rossön is a locality in Bodum District in Strömsund Municipality, located approximately 45 kilometres east of Strömsund. Highway 346 passes through the locality, which is next to Bodumsjön lake, which is part of the larger Fjällsjöälven river.

Backe is a locality in Strömsund Municipality in the province of Ångermanland and is part of Jämtland County since 1974.


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