The magnificent nature, the countless lakes and the area's culture are the main trademarks of South Lapland. Many people fall in love with this place and choose to return for new experiences. There is currently a building boom of weekend cottages, and a new generation is discovering the amazing fishing, hunting and hiking opportunities in this paradise. The friendly treatment and the togetherness of the local inhabitants is one of the main reasons we believe makes people very fond of staying in South Lapland. Summers and autumns are magical times of the year, with fantastic outdoor activities such as fishing, hunting, mountain biking and hiking. Our wish is to, through our website, inspire you to leave the everyday stress behind and embark on a great nature adventure. When you have found what you are looking for, you can easily book your adventure package through us!

Welcome to South Lapland!


A magical part of Sweden

If you want further information regarding activities, attractions or practical matters, you are most welcome to visit or contact one of our tourist information centres.

Vilhelmina tourist information
Address: Tingsgatan 1, Vilhelmina
Phone no: +46(0)940-39886
Opening hours: Monday-Friday, 08-19 Saturday-Sunday 10-18

Strömsund tourist information
Address: Ramselevägen 6, Strömsund
Phone no: +46(0)670-164 00
Opening hours: Monday-Friday, 9-16

Gäddede tourist information
Address: Storgatan 40, Gäddede
Phone no: +46(0)672-10500
Opening hours: Monday-Friday, 9-15 (Closed for lunch between 12–13)

Åsele tourist information
Address: Centralgatan 35, Åsele
Phone no: +46(0)941-140 78
Opening hours: Monday-Friday, 8:30-12 & 13-16
Tourist information for Åsele, Fredrika and Gafsele

Vilhelmina tourist information

Phone no: +46(0)940-39886
Address: Tingsgatan 1, 912 33 Vilhelmina
Opening hours: Monday-Friday, 08-17
Tourist information for Vilhelmina, Saxnäs, Kittelfjäll and Klimpfjäll.

Welcome to Vilhelmina tourist information.

Here you will find everything you need to know about Vilhelmina, regarding both the locality and the beautiful mountain valleys. We can of course give you assistance in any questions you have regarding the rest of the South Lapland region. There is a great mixture of culture, nature, adventures and activities for all seasons here - everything from the famous ice pole sitting contest and heli skiing to the culture festival 'Nybyggarveckan' ('The Settlers' Week') with shopping in our beautiful old church town.

Here you can purchase snowmobile trailcards and hunting and fishing licenses. We have free Wifi.


Åsele tourist information
Address: Centralgatan 35, Åsele
Phone no: +46(0)941-140 78
Opening hours: Monday-Friday, 8:30-12 & 13-16
Tourist information for Åsele, Fredrika and Gafsele


Strömsund tourist information
Address: Ramselevägen 6, 833 24 Strömsund
Phone no: +46(0)670-164 00
Opening hours: Monday-Friday, 9-16

Welcome to Strömsund's tourist information.

Stray off the main roads a little, and you'll discover the true beauty of our part of the world. We offer something different to tourist traps, something more genuine and down-to-earth. Vi love our nature and the fantastic landscapes we have around us, and we will gladly share it with you. We will provide you with everything you need to know regarding the municipality, including Vildmarksvägen ('The Wilderness Road') and attractions such as the river Bjurälven, the cave Korallgrottan and the waterfall Hällingsåfallet, as well as other parts of South Lapland.

Gäddede turistinformation
Storgatan 40
830 90 GÄDDEDE
Opening hours: Monday-Friday, 9-15 (Closed for lunch between 12–13)



An InfoPoint is a manned tourist service site, recognised through the green and white InfoPoint logo. Stores, hotels and restaurants are typical InfoPoints.


InfoPoints in Dorotea Municipality

Hotell Dorotea
Bergsvägen 2
+46(0)942 - 477 80

Sportaffären Dorotea
Storgatan 43
+46(0)942 - 100 73

Wiks lanthandel, Lajksjöberg
Storvägen 164
+46(0)942 - 310 33

ICA Borgafjällens lanthandel
Centrumvägen 18
+46(0)942 - 420 21

Borgafjäll Snowcamp
Avasjövägen 5
+46(0)942 - 420 42

Parkvägen 2
+46(0)942-100 56

Marikes hantverksbod
Bergsvägen 5
+46(0)70-210 33 37

Strömsund Municipality

Hotings camping
Västra Hoting 325, 833 51 Hoting
+46(0)671-102 48 •
Opening hours: Monday-Friday, 9.00–12.00, 13.00–16.00
Fjällsjö Framtid
Torgvägen 1, 880 50 Backe
+46(0)624-101 69 •
Opening hours: Monday-Friday, 09.00-12.00, 13.00–15.00 
Backe camping
Box 81, 880 50 Backe
+46(0)624-105 43 •

Norråkers Handel
Borgavägen 8, 833 91 Norråker
+46(0)671-300 74 •
Opening hours: Monday-Friday, 10.00-18.00, Saturdays 10.00-14.00
Lidsjöbergs lanthandel
Lidsjöberg 105, 833 97 Lidsjöberg
+46(0)670-700 12
Opening hours: Monday-Friday, 9.00-18.00, Saturday 10.00–15.00

Gäddede camping
Sagavägen 9, 833 61 Gäddede
+46(0)672-100 35 •
Hotellplan 2, 830 90 Gäddede
+46(0)672-104 20 •
Jormvattnets fiskecamp
Jormvattnet 885, 833 98 Gäddede
+46(0)672-201 00 •
Skäll i Hammerdal
Storgatan 34, 833 41 Hammerdal
Situated along the E45 road in central Hammerdal.

Strömsunds camping
Näsviken, Strömsund
+46(0)670-164 10 •
Open for the season during June, July and August

Hembygdsgården Strömsund
Hembygdsgården 1003, 833 35 Strömsund
+46(0)670-61 12 32 •
Open for the season during June, July and August
Hotel Nordica
Ramselevägen 6, 833 35 Strömsund
+46(0)670-61 10 00 •

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