Summer in Vilhelmina

South Lapland is the same size as the country of Belgium, but with only 25 000 inhabitants. The area has 10 000 lakes and about 150 mountain peaks towering over 1000 metres above sea level. The roads through valleys and over mountain plateaus make South Lapland a great place to explore by car, and the railroad Inlandsbanan also runs through the area. The South Lapland area covers the northern part of the county of Jämtland and the southwestern part of the county of Västerbotten. The countless mountain ranges and woodlands guarantee a neverending list of opportunities for top-class outdoor adventures.

Hike the mountains - by car!

A fantastic journey through nature awaits anyone travelling along Vildmarksvägen ('The Wilderness Road')! This is what is looks like by Stekenjokk, on the border between Västerbotten and Jämtland. This part of the road reaches 876 metres above sea level, making it possible to just park your car and set out on a mountain hike in any direction. Click here to learn more about Vildmarksvägen

Summer tips

Discover South Lapland, a magical part of Sweden. Below you will find links to selected sights and attractions. On the 'Destinations' page you will find further information on accommodation, dining places and activities.

Tourist informations

If you want additional tips and information on activities, attractions and other things on offer in South Lapland, you are welcome to visit or contact one of our tourist information offices. Click here

How to get here

There are many different ways to get to South Lapland. You can take a 1,5 hours flight from Arlanda and land in the middle of the wilderness at South Lapland Airport, where you can take a snowmobile to your destination. You can also go with Lapplandspilen, a night bus on which you can spend the trip asleep and hop right off where the road ends. Click here


The journey is the reward - roads and railroads through the wilderness:

Vildmarksvägen (Road)

Sagavägen (Road)

Konstvägen sju älvar (Road)

Inlandsbanan (Railroad)


Historical sites (church towns):

Fatmomakke kyrkstad

Vilhelmina Kyrkstad


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