Visit South Lapland

South Lapland extends from Northern Jämtland northwards into Västerbotten and the vast wilderness of Swedish Lapland. The area offers both bare mountains and forest, with attractions including 10,000 lakes, mountain areas with ski resorts and hiking in the summer, 150 mountain peaks over 1,000 metres above sea level, more fishing than you can count and a rich settler and Sami culture. In other words, South Lapland is the perfect starting point for top-class open-air activities. 

It is easy to travel to South Lapland. Book a flight to Stockholm-Arlanda and then proceed directly to South Lapland Airport in Vilhelmina. In Vilhelmina you are in the center of South Lapland and it is close to all experiences and adventures we have to offer.

If you want to experience Lapland, so plan a trip to us. This is real Lapland but closer.

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