Fatmomakke Church Town

Fatmomakke Church Town is the most prominent Sami Church town in Sweden and one of the best preserved in the world. The place has a very important spiritual value and is still used as a cultural meeting place today as it has for thousands of years. The town has very high symbolic value for the Sami community and living ancient history.

Fatmomakke has been in used by the Sami as a meeting place and summer settlement for thousands of years. The oldest buildings found in Fatmomakke today date back to the end of the 16th century event though most buidlings are from the beginning of the 18th. Other older structures used for storage and protection. The central buildnings in Fatmomakke today is the white church, the Sami courtyard and the priest's hut. Please remeber that even though fatmomakke is a protected cultural reserve today, most huts and Kotor are privately owned and still in use today - please show respect.

The old church town is situated along the Wilderness Road, next to the Marsfjäll mountains 20 km east of Klimpfjäll. From the car parking it is only a short walk across the bridge into the town. An open exibition and easy to read signs will guide you through the town.

In the summer there is a kiosk and a cafe open in Famomakke. 

Fatmomakke is a very beautiful place and many visitors are fascinated by its beauty. The Marsfjäll Mountains tower over it across the lake and ancient buildings and church give a glimse into the ancient history and culture of these mountains.

IMPORTANT Guided Tour!
Free Guided tour 25/6 - 13/8 every Sunday at 14.00 and Wednesday at 16.00. The tour takes around 1 hour.

If you wish to join the guided tour of Fatmomakke in the summer, book please book it through Vilhelmina Tourist Centre +46(0)940-39886 or turist@vilhelmina.se. You can also call straight to the guide Annica Hed +46(0)702386689 for more information. Guided tours can be booked at other times at a fee. 

The Cafe and kiosk in Fatmomakke is open only occasionaly in the summer. If it is closed and you are feeling hungry there is a store and hotel with restaurant 20 km to the east along the Wilderness Road in Klimpfjäll.

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