There are daily flights form Stockholm Arlanda to South Lapland Airport, which is situated 10 minutes outside Vilhelmina. The flights take around 2 hours and is operated by Amapola. Before arriving you should have organized your own transport from the airport.

Book flights to and from South Lapland Aiport Here

To Vilhelmina
Easiest is to book a a private taxi from South Lapland Airport to Vilhelmina. It costs 240 sek for your own or 190 sek for a shared taxi and has to be prebooked through Vilhelmina Taxi at or booked through or by calling them at at +46940 398 88.

To Kittelfjäll, Saxnäs or Klimpfjäll 

By local bus
If you are going up to the mountain areas, to Saxnäs, Klimpfjäll or Kittelfjäll. There are local buses 417 towards Kittelfjäll and 420 to Klimpfjäll and Saxnäs departing daily from Vilhelmina. During the skiing season (January –April) bus 417 starts at South Lapland Airports connecting to the arriving morning flight from Stockholm on Thursdays and Fridays taking you to Kittelfjäll. If you are taking this bus to Saxnäs or Klimpfjäll you need to change bus to bus 420 in Stalon, about half way. There are buses departing midday on Sundays from Kittelfjäll, Klimpfjäll and Saxnäs that connects to the evening flight from South Lapland Airport to Stockholm. The price is around 165 sek pp for any bus. Note that some buses have to be prebooked on +46 940 398 88 or +46771 25 10 20. Read more at

Unfortunately there is no local bus to Borgafjäll from the airport. You are best of by booking a direct transfer or taking a transfer to Dorotea and then taking local bus 436 to Borgafjäll.

All local buses will have extra compartments for bags, skis and other equipment.

By taxi or transfer
A good option when going from South Lapland Airport to Kittelfjäll, Saxnäs or Klimpfjäll is to book a taxi. Vilhelmina Taxi will charge you a fixed price of around 2200 per car. Book it at or +46940 10400.

If you are a larger group than 4, your best bet might be to book a transfer with a local company. For around 4000 -4500 you can book a 19 seat bus to Kittelfjäll, Klimpfjäll or Saxnäs.
Bäckströms Trafik +4670 65 15 470 or Vilhelmina Taxi +46940 10400 are good options.

Most hotels and lodges have their own transportation and will pick you up at the airport. Some guides will also offer to pick you up from your arrival destination if you have prebooked a trip with them.

Rental car
The distances are quite large in Lapland and even if there is a transfer or a local bus that fits your schedule to take you to your destination, it might be hard to get to your daily activities without your own transportation. Especially if you are a group travelling, a rental car might be your best bet. Rental cars can be pre booked to South Lapland aiport and will cost you between 600 and 1000 per day. They will happily deliver a car for you to pick up at the aiport.
Bil o fritid or +46940 12260
Vesto AB Centrala Vilhelmina +46940 201 48

Get your hotel or lodge to pick you up
If you book a longer trip or a whole weeks adventure program that is offerered by several lodges and hotels they will usually include the transfer to and from the airport in Östersund, Vilhelmina or Umeå.

South Lapland Airport

Getting to South Lapland

Fly, train, or bus its quite simple. Read here for how to get of the beaten track in Lapland

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